It’s been a while! |

It’s been a while!

Hello all, I’m reviving after about 5 years off…I’ve had a couple kids, bought a new house and started a new job in the mean time and have been pretty busy.   As i’ve been unpacking boxing at our new house and slowly trying to setup my guitar room/man cave I started thinking about, I’ve always liked the idea of this site and will do my best to update and keep it going.  Yes everything is a bit outdated at the moment but please check in often as I’ll be reviving and updating all that I can!  

I’ve included a “comments” section on just about every page of this site with the intent that those of you viewing the page may have a little more info to share about someones rig, and i’ll update accordingly.   

Whats with the amazon links?  

Well, the intent behind this site is to not only identify what pedals and gear each player is using, but also have a place to buy it.  Amazon is pretty much a universaly known site, so I went with them..thats about it really.  

Have fun, click around and leave some comments… thanks!


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