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Brad Whitford

gold top les paul

50's Les Paul Gold Top Shown

Brad Whitford is the guitarist in the rock band Aerosmith.  Like his counterpart Joe Perry, he too has a very large collection of guitars.  Brad Whitford can be considered a guitar "connoiseur".  There are some great videos of Brad ripping on youtube, he is actually a pretty technical guitarist.  Brad has also been seen recently trying out Bad Cat Amplifiers. Specifically the Bad Cat Hot Cat amps.  I've played through these myself and they definetly rip!  Here is a list of some recent equipment Brad has been spotted with.


- Gibson Les Paul Goldtops ('53 and other years)

- Gibson Les Paul flametop reissues

- Fender gold-painted Stratocaster '66

- Floyd Rose Redmond Series solidbody

- Gretsch guitars

- ’53 Gibson ES-295 (epiphone version pictured below)

- Gibson 2005 Tom Murphy Les Paul


- "On Les Pauls, I use .009-.042s. On Strats and Teles, I basically go with a .010, or in some cases a little heavier. If I tune a guitar down, I might go to an even heavier gauge." Brad Whitford

- Dunlop 1 mm black nylon picks

Brad Whitford’s most used pedals

- ADL Juicebox

- AnalogMan King of Tone overdrive pedal

- Danelectro Reel Echo Tape Simulator Pedal

- Divided by 13 Lift pedal (boost pedal)

- Dunlop Crybaby Q Zone pedal

- DLS Effects Chorus~Vib pedal

- DLS Effects EchoTap

- Electro Harmonix POG Polyphonic octave generator

- Hiwatt Custom Tape Echo Effects Processor

- Keeley Modded TS9Dx

- Klon Centaur

- Line 6 MM4 Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal

- Modded Ibanez TS9

- Monster Power Conditioner

- Samson UR-5 Wireless

- Signal Switch

- TC-Electronic G-System

- Way Huge Aqua-Puss Analog Delay

- Z Vex Wah Probe pedal


- Divided by 13 FTR-37 amps

-Bad Cat HotCat 30 

- 3 Monkeys Brad Whitford Model amp

- Bogner 4x12" cabinets with Chevy Chevelle SS396 logos

- Fender Super Champ (from the honkin on bobo album)

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