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Jimi Hendrix

jimi strat

Jimi Hendrix needs no introduction here.  He is mostly known for playing this upside down Fender Stratocasters through Marshall Stacks.  Listen to his incredible live tone on "Live at the Filmore" You can download it on the top right of this page.  There is a lot of great information out there on Jimi's past rigs, equipment and setups. Some great articles to read are Here and Here  I've included a few links to similar pedals in his setup.

Jimi's rig


Fender Light Gauge"Rock n Roll" Strings


Main guitar was a 1968 Strat, Black with Maple Necks.

Jimi owned several different Stratocasters and preferred the ones with maple necks


Marshall 1959SLP 100-Watt Super Lead Plexi Head


Marshall 1960 4x12

Speakers in cabs:

J.B. Lansing 120F-6 Signature Speakers


Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

Roger Mayer Octavia Fuzz Octave

UniVox UniVibe

Vox 847 Wah Wah

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