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Kirk Hammett

Kirk KH-2

ESP KH-2 Kirk Hammett Signatre Guitar

Kirk Hammett of Metallica has had a huge influence on all of us guitarists growing up.  I remember when I first heard Master of Puppets I was blown away.  He's used a lot of different guitars and equipment since those days! Here is a list of some the stuff he's used.  

Kirks Guitars

Main Axe: 

Is his original 1987 ESP KH-2 

Other Guitars He uses live:

ESP KH-2 Ouija

 ESP KH-3 hardtail that he calls the "Invisible Kid", which Kirk did the artwork for himself.

 ESP M-2 "Frankenstein" that is inlated with "The Monster is Loose". The eyes are LEDs.

ESP LTD KH-202 Kirk Hammett Signature Model Electric Guitar

ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Guitar

Kirk Hammett LTD KH-603 signature guitar

1987 Gibson Les Paul

1959 Fender Tele with blonde finish

Fender stratocasters including an early 60's in lake placid blue and a 1963 Fender Strat in seafoam green

Les Paul Custom and a 1959 Les Paul

Jackson Randy Rhoads guitars

Parker Fly

Gibson ES-335

Martin D-28

 A variety of Gibson Flying V guitars

ESP Custom Shop "Michael Schenker Colored" V (seen in 2008 rig)

Kirk Hammett's Pedals

Randall Kirk Hammett Signature Series KH1, KH2, KH3 preamp modules

Dunlop KH95 Kirk Hammett Crybaby Wah

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

Vox Wah pedal

Ernie Ball Volume pedal - Connects to midi solutions pedal controller and into TC Electronics G-Major

DBX 1074 Quad Gate

Line6 DL4 Delay

Line6 MM4 Modulation

Line6 FM4 Filter

Line6 DM4 Distortion

Line 6 duoverb 
Digitech WH1 Whammy

Digitech XP-300 Space Station 
Furman PL Pro

TC Electronic G-Major Effects

Dunlop 1SR Rackwah

Voodoo Labs GCX Audio Switcher

Pod XT

Lovetone meatball
Lovetone Wobulator 
Lovetone Brown source 
Way Huge Swollen Pickle

Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal

Shure PSM600 WirelessTransmitter and UR-4D receiver

MXR Eddie Van Halen Flanger

Boss NS2

Palmer Y-Box Guitar Splitter

Kirks Amps

Randall Kirk Hammett signature series heads (2 of them live)

Randall Kirk Hammett signature series 4x12" cabinet

Randall Kirk Hammett Signature Series KH15

Randall Kirk Hammett Signature Series RM100KHLTD

Marshall DSL 2000

Marshall 1960b cabinet

He's also used the following:

Mesa Boogie Tremoverb combo 
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Mesa Booge triple rectifier 
Mesa Booogie Stilleto
Mesa Boogie Triaxis amp
Marshall Super Lead Plexi

Vox AC30

Marshall JCM 800 2203

Bogner Uberschall
Peavey 5150 
Hiwatt custom 50

Marshall Mode Four 
Dumble SSS (Steel String Singer)
Mesa Boogie 4x12-Celestion Vintage 30s

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