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Zakk Wylde


Zakk has used a ton of great gear throughout the years.  Here are some of the pedals he’s most relied on..

Pedals used by Zakk Wylde Include..

- Dunlop MXR ZW-44 Dunlop Overdrive pedal

- Dunlop ZW-45 Zakk Wylde Signature "Cry Baby" wah-wah pedal

- Dunlop MXR m-134 stereo chorus

- Dunlop MXR EVH Van Halen signature phase pedal

- BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive

- CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

- Dunlop Rotovibe - Dunlop also made a Zakk Wylde Signature Rotovibe

- MXR Black Label Chorus (Announced in 2009)

- MXR Wylde Phase pedal

- MXR EVH Flanger pedal

- Dunlop DC Brick

- MXR Carbon Copy pedal

During the recording of NRFTW the chorus used was a Yamaha SPX-90.

Before the boss ce5 was out he used a CH1 super chorus

Zakk Wylde also uses these Amps..

He used the Metaltronix M-1000 heads and 3 Lee Jackson Perfect Connection GP-1000 preamps with a single Perfect Connection SP-1000 power amp. Both setups used the Metaltronix 4x12 cabs. And according to Lee Jackson himself, Zakk also used a Aphex Aural Exciter with the GP-1000 to color his tone a bit by adding a "huge bottom end". 

He switched to 6550-loaded JCM800's after the No Rest for the Wicked Tour.

This is an awesome video from GEAR GODS going over Zakk’s guitar rig and setup

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