Metaltronix M-1000 100 Watt Guitar Head

metaltronix m1000 amplifier head

EM-1000 100 Watt Tube Head: From the custom world of Lee Jackson comes the new Metaltronix M-1000 Series II amp head.

The M-1000 Series II is truly an amp head that is “BUILT TO BLAST” right out of the box without any modification or expensive add-ons. New feautures include an all new internal bracing system that reduces shock and stress to critical componets – A 10 gauge steel chasis – European 6CA7 Power Tubes , Tolex covering. Plus features and sound that made the M-1000 one of the most talked about amp heads in the world.

100 Watts All Tube.
Stage II (Variable switchable Gain).
10 Stage Preamp (5 x 12AX7`s).
Active All Tube Effects-loop with adjustable Send and Returns controls.
6 Position selectable Mid-Shift.
Selectable Tube Bias control (6550/EL-34).
Convertable to 50 Watts.

zakk wylde metaltronix

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