Joe Satriani Guitar Rig

Joe Satriani Guitar Rig and Equipment Listing

Ibanez JS Joe Satriani series guitar shown above

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Joe Satriani plays his very own Ibanez JS series guitars as well as his own Peavey JSX amplifiers.  Both lines were designed specifically as signature products for Satriani. These guitars typically feature the DiMarzio PAF Pro (which he used up until 1993 in both the neck and bridge positions), the DiMarzio Fred (which he used in the bridge position from 1993 to 2005), and the Mo’ Joe and the Paf Joe (which he uses in the bridge and neck positions, respectively, from 2005 to present day). The JS line of guitars is his signature line with the JS1000, JS1200, JS2400, JSBDG, and JS20th using Ibanez’s original Edge double locking tremolo bridge. The guitar he was most associated with during the nineties was a chrome-finished guitar nicknamed “Chrome Boy.”  (Can be seen on the Live in San Francisco DVD.) However, the guitar used for most of the concert was in fact a lookalike nicknamed “Pearly,” which featured Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups.

Satriani has used a wide variety of guitar amps, using Marshall for his main amplifier (notably the limited edition blue coloured 6100 LM model) up until 2001, and his Peavey signature series amps, the Peavey JSX, thereafter. The JSX began life as a prototype Peavey XXX and developed into the Joe Satriani signature Peavey model, now available in retail stores.

Fun Fact: Did you know Kirk Hammet went to Joe Satriani for guitar lessons after the release of Metallicas Kill ‘Em All?  I heard this from Lars on a Howard Stern interview.

Joe’s Rig


1990s Ibanez JS-1000 with Groove Tubes Fat Finger Guitar Sustainer

Ibanez JS-1200




Previously- Marshall 6100 Heads

Currently – Peavey JSX Signature Heads

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