Joe Perry Guitar Rig

Gibson Joe Perry Boneyard Les Paul Shown

Being from Boston, it’s almost required as a guitar player growing up to become a huge Aerosmith fan.  When I think Joe Perry, it’s usually Les Pauls and Marshall Stacks that come to mind.  Joe Perry has stated in some interviews that he has over 600 guitars in his collection! I couldn’t possible list all of them here, so lets look at some gear he’s been spotted with in some past tours..

pedals and effects

– Digitech Whammy Pedal

– Dunlop DCR-1SR Rackmount Wah and Dunlop Wah pedals

– Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler (used for a cleaner sound)

– Line 6 MM-4 Modulation Modeler

– Klon Centaur overdrive (the one in the brown case)

– custom made Heil Talk Box

– Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

– Chicago Iron Octavian

– Samson UR5-D Synth Wireless

– Pro Co RAT Distortion Pedal

– Custom Audio Electronics MXR Boost/Overdrive

– Fulltone Ultimate Octave

– Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb pedal

– Electro Harmonix POG

– Fulltone Tube Tape Echo

– Option 5 Destination Rotation Single

– Marshall 300 for slapback (on Somebody’s Going to Get Their Head Kicked In tonight)

-Dunlop Joe Perry Boneyard Guitar Slide

– Royer R-121 mics have been used a lot on Aerosmith guitar cabs

Joe Perry’s amps

– Marshall 50 Watt Plexi Head

– Marshall 8×10 cabinet

– Fender Dual Showman Reverb with 2×15 cab

– Fender Bandmaster (3×10)

– Marshall Major 200 Watt Heads

– Fender Tonemaster Head

– Wizard 100 Watt Head

– Marshall JMP-1 Preamp

– Marshall 4×12 cabs

– Vox 4×12 Cab

– Orange 8×12 cab

Joe Perry’s guitars

– Gibson Joe Perry Boneyard Les Paul’s

-Fender Stratocasters

– Fender ’65 Telecaster

– Gibson ES-335 with Bigsby

– Ampeg/Dan Armstrong Plexi Guitar (tuned to open A)

– Guild 12-String Electric

– Gretsch Black Falcon

– Fender Reissue Telecaster

– Ernie Ball/Music Man Silhouette 6 String Bass

– Chandler Lap Steel

– Gibson ES-335 (custom painted with his wife’s face on body of guitar)

– Gibson Firebird VII

– Fender Telecaster w/B-Bender

– Supro Ozark (mid 50’s)

– Gibson Jeff Beck Les Paul

– Several Gibson Les Paul Standards

– B.C. Rich guitars: Mockingbird and Bitch (70’s and early 80’s)

– Guild X100 Bladerunner (Walk This Way video)

– Gibson Vintage Reissue .010-.046 Strings

– Pyramid guitar strings (when he can get them. 9-44 or 10-46 gauges)

– Dunlop 483 Classic Celluloid Heavy Guitar Picks (custom prints on them)

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