JJ Electronic Releases New Tubes

JJ Electronic Releases New Tubes


CE Distribution, the primary distributor of JJ Electronic vacuum tubes, is pleased to announce the release of three new JJ tube types. JJ Electronic has been producing premium vacuum tubes in the Slovak Republic for over 16 years. JJ products are known in the industry as the best sounding and most reliable
tubes produced today.

The three new tubes are all very welcome additions to the JJ line: the 6550, 6CA7 and EL844. The JJ 6550 is musical in every sense of the word and will improve the sound of your high powered bass and guitar amps with punch and clarity. The 6CA7 is a large bottle version of the classic EL34 that gives a bigger and warmer sound then any EL34 in the market today. It is a substitute for all amps that use EL34’s. The last addition to the line has been designed by JJ from scratch, an EL844. A substitute for any EL84, the EL844 has lower gain and a more balanced, dynamic sound.

The complete line of JJ tubes, along with thousands of other parts, is available wholesale for dealers, repair shops, and manufacturers from CE Distribution.


For more information, please visit – CEdist.com

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