Jimmy Page Guitar Rig

Gibson Number#1 Jimmy Page Signatre Les Paul Shown

In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Page #9 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, as a member of The Yardbirds and also as a member of Led Zeppelin.Jimmy Page is an English guitarist, composer and record producer. Jimmy Page has been described as “unquestionably one of the all-time most influential, important, and versatile guitarists and songwriters in rock history.”

Throughout Jimmy Page’s long career he’s played through a ton of different rigs and setups.  Some of the most memorable for me were seeing him with his Les Paul through some huge Marshall and Orange stacks.  I remember watching their live concert on video over and over again until the tape wore out! Let’s take a look at some the Led Zeppelin era equipment.

Jimmy Page’s guitars

His Main Guitar:- 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard (No. 1)

Others he often uses:

– 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard (No. 2) Given to him by Joe Walsh

1959 Fender Telecaster (given to Page by Jeff Beck and repainted with a psychedelic Dragon on it by Page. Played with the Yardbirds, on Led Zeppelin I, the early tours (68-69), and on the studio version of Stairway to Heaven.

– 1960 Danelectro 3021
– 1967 Vox 12-String
– 1960 Black Gibson Les Paul Custom(with Bigsby Tremolo)

– Rickenbacker 12 String
– 1971 Gibson EDS-1275 (used for playing “Stairway to Heaven”, “Celebration Day”, “The Rain Song”, “The Song Remains the Same” and on some occasions, “Tangerine” live)

– 1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard

– 1964 Lake Placid Blue Fender Stratocaster(Used during recording sessions for In Through The Out Door and 1979 at Knebworth, especially for In The Evening)

– 1966 Cream Fender Telecaster

– 1960’s Rosewood Fender Telecaster All rosewood body featuring a Parsons and White B-string bender. Seen primarily during the 1980s The Firm and Outrider era.
– 1965 Fender Electric XII (12-String)

Acoustic Guitars:

– Gibson J-200

– Martin D-28 Acoustic

– Gibson Everly Brothers Model Acoustic
– Giannini 12-String Acoustic
– Harmony Sovereign Acoustic
– Washburn EA20-12 12 String Acoustic
– Ovation 1994 Double Neck Acoustic

– Gibson Mandolin


– Ernie Ball Super Slinky .009-.042 Strings

– Ernie Ball Earthwood Acoustic Strings

Pedals Used by Jimmy Page:

– Boss CE-2 Chorus

– Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Distortion

– Digitech WH-1 Whammy Pedal

– Dunlop Crybaby Wah Wah

– Eventide H949 Harmonizer

– Jensen Crybaby Wah
– Maestro Echoplex
– MXR Blue Box

– MXR Phase 90

– Pete Cornish Custom Switching System
– Pete Cornish Line Drivers
– Pete Cornish Linear Boost
– Roger Mayer fuzz box
– Sola Sound Tonebender
– Vox Cry Baby Wah

– Yamaha CH-10 Mark II Chorus


jimmy page’s amps

– Fender Super Reverbs

– Fender Tonemaster Heads (see a mini one pictured below)

– Fender Tonemaster 4×12 Cabinets
– Hiwatt 50: seen during the 1970 tour.

– Marshall 1959-SLP: 100 watt head rewired to 200 watt modded with KT-88 tubes

– Marshall 4×12 cabinets (straights and angled)

– Orange: 100 watt amp and cabinets
– Petersburg JP-100 amplifiers
– Supro (unknown model): 1*12″ combo used for recording.
– Vox AC-30: (original T-boost model) used for recording. 2*12″ Celestion speakers. 36 watt output.

– Wizard Classic Heads
– Wizard 4×12 Cabinet

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