Synyster Gates Guitar Rig

Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold Guitar Rig and Equipment Setup

Synyster Gates Schecter Guitar

Schecter Synyster Gates Custom Limited Electric Guitar Shown

Synyster Gates is part of the new breed.  Now one of the most influential guitarist in metal, Syn Gates is the fast and furious lead guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold.

He has won numerous awards, including the 2006 Metal Hammer “Young Shredder” award and the 2006 Total Guitar Magazine “Guitarist of the Year.”

synyster gates live rig A7X guitar rig

In Revolver magazine, the Avenged Sevenfold special edition that was released the same day as the Nightmare album, Gates stated that he originally started out writing the song “So Far Away” in honor of his grandfather, but now honors his late bandmate The Rev as well.

On April 20, 2011, Gates won the Revolver Golden God award for Best Guitarist along with band mate, Zacky Vengeance. Avenged Sevenfold picked up numerous other awards and delivered the headlining performance of the night

Synyster Gates guitarequipment


Schecter Synyster Gates Signature Special model with Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invaders and Sustainiac neck pickup sustainer

Schecters custom models with Rebel flag, American flag, German flag, Black with Red Stripes, Red with Black Stripes, White with Gold Stripes, one featuring Jack Nicholson’s Joker art and color scheme, and one with Tune-O-Matic Bridge.

Schecter C-1 Classic – Transparent Blue

1957 Fender Stratocaster Deluxe (With Humbucker Pickups)


Ernie Ball strings, gauged .010-.052. (skinny top, heavy bottom strings)


Black Dunlop Gator Grip 2.0mm picks

Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm picks (as reported in 2010)


Rebel Straps Skull Pick Box Strap

White Get’m Get’m Sergeant Stripes Guitar Strap

Black Schaller Strap Locks

Wireless Equipment:

Audio-Technica 5000 Wireless System


Seen using various Marshall, Mesa Boogie and Bogner amps.

Currently live he is using a Bogner Uberschall

Syn Gates A7x Guitar Amp Live Rig

Syn Gates Pedals and Effects

Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

Boss CS-3 Compresser Sustainer

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb

Boss BF-3 Flanger

Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter

Boss GT-10

Digitech Whammy Pedal

Dunlop Crybaby Wah

MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC-401 Boost Pedal

MXR Carbon Copy Delay

Syn Gates Schecter Hellwin Guitar Amp

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