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Nuno Bettencourt N4 Washburn Guitar

Nuno Bettencourt may be a favorite among us shredders from his work with rock band Extreme.  But he has also played in other bands such as Mourning Widows, Population 1, The Satellite Party, his own solo projects and DramaGods.  He is particularly adept at arpeggios articulated via string-skipping tapping.  Currently he can be seen rocking arenas again backing up pop star Rihanna!  Nuno is endoresed by Washburn Guitars, Randall Amps and Dean Markley Strings.



Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme Guitars

MAIN AXE – Washburn N4 electric guitar (A Duncan ’59 and a Lawrence L-500 in the bridge)

– Washburn N5 electric guitar

– Washburn N6 electric guitar

– Washburn N8 electric guitar

– Washburn P4 electric guitar

– WASHBURN EA22 acoustic guitar

– WASHBURN EA20 acoustic guitar

– WASHBURN EA-45 acoustic guitar

– Homemade guitar with Schecter body and Warmoth neck (used during first Extreme album)


– Dean Markley Nuno Bettencourt Signature guitar strings NB-LTHB gauges .010 – .013 .017 – .028 – .038 – .052

– Dean Markley Nuno Bettencourt Signature guitar strings NB-CL gauges .009 .011 .016 .026 .036 .046

– Fender heavy picks

Nuno amps

– Randall NBKing100 amp head

– Randall NB412 cabinets

Others he’s been spotted with:

– Fender Vibroverb

– Fender Twin Reverb

– Marshall TSL amp heads (3 channel)

– 69′ Marshall cabinets

– Hughes and Kettner TriAmp heads

-Soldano Amps


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