Duane Allman Guitar RIg

Duane Allman Guitar Rig and Setup Info


57 Gold Top Les Paul Duane Allman

1957 Gold Top Les Paul Standard Shown


Duane Allman was an American, lead guitarist of the southern rock group The Allman Brothers Band, and session musician.  Duane was an incredible slide and blues guitar player.  He also played guitar on many interesting recording sessions for artists such as Aretha Franklin and Boz Scaggs. He also had a role on the Layla album from Derek and the Dominos.  He tuned to open E on a lot of his Allman Brothers work.  In 2003 Rolling stone ranks Duane Allman #2  in their list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time, second only to Jimi Hendrix.

Duane Allman’s guitars

– Fender Telecaster w/ Stratocaster neck (Allman Joys, Hour Glass)

– ’57 Gibson Les Paul Standard goldtop with PAF pickups (he later swapped the PAF’s to another Les Paul)

– ’59 Gibson Les Paul Standard cherry sunburst

– ’58 Gibson Les Paul Standard tobacco sunburst

– ’61 Gibson SG (formerly belonging to Dickey Betts, who gave it to Duane to use as a slide guitar)

– Gibson ES-345

– ’54 Fender Stratocaster (Early Session work)

– Fender Rock N’ Roll 150 strings (Hour Glass)


– Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (used old 9V batteries because he liked the sound they made)

– Coricidin medicine bottle (used as a glass slide) – a large part of Duane’s sound


– Vox Super-Beatle amp (Allman Joys, Hour Glass)

– Marshall Bass 50 heads and Marshall

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