Eddie Van Halen Guitar Rig

Eddie Van Halen Guitar Rig and Equipment Info

EVH Wolfgang Guitars

Eddie Van Halen has had so much equipment over the years I could spend the next few years compiling all the info.   It all first started with his home made Charvels and an Ibanez Destroyer that was used mostly on the first album Van Halen. Then he went to Kramer guitars in 1983, then Ernie Ball Music man in the 1990s, Peavey Wolfgangs and so on.  A great live recording of Eddie playing eruption is available on the “Live Right Here Right Now” Album. The guitar solo is titled “3:16” take the time to listen to it!




Eddie Van Halen’s guitars

– Charvel Guitars

– Kramer Guitars

– Ernie Ball / Musicman Guitars

– Peavy Wolfgang Guitar

– The EVH Wolfgang guitar (Ed put tons of work into making this guitar the perfect guitar for him)

– Ibanez Destroyer

– Fender Strats and Telecasters

– Steinberger TransTrem

pedals and effects


-Boss OC-2 Octave
-Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

-Custom Audio Electronics RS-10 Midi Foot Controller

– Dunlop Original CryBaby Wah Pedal

-MXR EVH Phase 90 Phaser

-MXR Stereo Flanger

Rack Gear:

– Line 6 Echo Pro
– Peavey Delta Stomp
– Demeter Tremulator
– Custom Audio Electronics Amp Selector / Router
– Eventide H3000/3500 Harmonizer
– H&H V800 Power Amplifier
– Lexicon PCM-70 Reverb

-Palmer Speaker Simulator 

– Rockman Smart Gate Noise Gate
– Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay
– Furman Power Conditioner

Eddies Amps

– EVH 5150 III amp head

– Peavey 5150 II

– Peavey 5150

– Peavey 6505 and 6505+ (the newer version of the 5150 after eddie stopped endorsing)

– Soldano SLO-100

– Marshall 100-watt Super Lead

– EVH 5150 III 4×12″ cabs

– Celestion 12″ G12EVH Eddie Van Halen Speakers


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