Joe Bonamassa Guitar Rig and Equipment Setup

Joe Bonamassa Guitar Rig and Equipment Setup


Joe Bonamassa, a modern day blues master who defines epic tone with his is amazing collection of vintage guitars and amplifiers.   His guitar tech Mike Hickey has even been tasked with the job to always be shopping for more vintage guitars and equipment while they are out on the road.  Joe has a massive collection of vintage guitar equipment stored at his Nerdville property, its an amazing site.  Pretty awesome job! Joe Bonamassa now has his own signature line of Gibson guitars and well as a series of effects pedals.   Here is what I have gathered for Joe’s most recent equipment being used out on tour now.


Joe Bonamassa’s Nerdville Guitars

These are some of Joe’s signature Gibson guitars





marshall-silver-jubilee-25-55-100w-amp-head friedman-dirty-shirley-amp dumble-overdrive-special-amp-headsuhr-sl-68-hand-wired-amplifier 1968-marshall-cabinet



dunlop-jb95-joe-bonamassa-signature-cry-baby-wahboss-rv-5-digital-reverb-effects-pedal   dunlop-joe-bonamassa-fuzz-face ernie-ball-6166-mono-volume-pedal  fulltone-supa-trem hughes-kettner-tube-tools-tube-rotosphere-mkii ibanez-ts808-the-original-tube-screamer joe-bonamassa-mxr-fet-driver-pelham-blue-special-edition klon-centaur-professional-overdrive-guitar-pedal   way-huge-overrated-special-overdrive way-huge-pork-loin-overdrive


Please leave some comments and share what you know about Joe Bonamassa’s guitar rig!   Here is an excellent video of his rig rundown




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  • September 10, 2020 at 6:44 pm

    Joe is amazing no matter what guitar he plays .


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