Double Barrel Riff Rifle T-Shirt

RIff Rifle Guitar Tee Shirt

Double barrel riff rifle shirts are starting to pop up everywhere. This is the original Tee! Double neck electric guitars aren’t as common as they used to be, but these unicorns sure are a sight to be seen when a guitarist whips one of these bad boys out on stage. Remember when Jimmy page used his gibson live?

I feel as though we may have just discovered the ultimate guitarist tee shirt. If you hold a permit for the decibel melting guitar solo power of a double barrel riff rifle this may be your answer from above.

Double neck guitars are for laying down the sweetest and tastiest riffs of rhythm and lead. Think about Steve Vai’s heart axe! Those who own such guitars must wield the responsibility that comes with holding a double barrel riff rifle. Shirt to be enjoyed by guitarist around the world. Makes a great gift for any guitarist or guitar player. Electric double neck guitar Tee shirt for boys and girls.

Famous Double Neck Guitar Players

Here are some great double neck guitar players that hold permits for double barrel riff rifles

Steve Vai has been seen with a few Jem variants and also the infamous TRIPLE neck heart guitar

Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee of RUSH

Derek Smalls – Spinal Tap with his 4/8 String BC Rich Bich Bass

Steve Howe with his Gibson EDS-1275

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin in songs like The Song Remains the Same and of course Stairway to Heaven

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John McLaughlin of Mahavishnu Orchestra

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth has been seen with a double flying V at times