John Mayer Guitar Rig

John Mayer Guitar Rig and Equipment Info

John Mayer PRS Super Eagle Guitar

John Mayer’s PRS Super Eagle shown above used a lot with Dead and Co.


John Mayer, aside from being the pop star TMZ apearing celebrity that he is.. is an incredible guitarist.  John Mayer went to Berklee College of Music.  John Mayer has a signature strat, as well as a new signature PRS guitar that costs about as much as a decent car .  He’s mentioned in interview before that he owns over 200 guitars, pretty sweet!

Stomp of some of John Mayers pedals below to learn more.

Some updated John Mayer guitar rig info for Dead & Company I found digging through reddit

Mostly playing PRS guitars now.  He has been playing some new signature PRS amps also.

  1. Keeley Tone Workstation. Apparently very rare and Robert Keeley made another for him specifically. It is a compressor/Keeley boost
  2. Strymon Flint
  3. Pete Cornish NG-2 Fuzz Pedal
  4. The usual Way Huge Aqua Puss
  5. I think I spotted an Ibanez TS10 on his board
  6. Those big heads he has in between his PRS amps are Victoria reverb units
  7. Q-Tron Envelope Filter seems to be used frequently
  8. Ernie Ball Volume
  9. Either a RMC8 wah pedal or a Cry baby
  10. Likely a Boss EQ and boss Tuner

His workstation has 2 boosts and a compressor, He has always been a big fan of the big volume, low gain, type of tones. He probably has 1 or maybe even 2 more Keeley Clean Boost pedals on the board. Originally in these shows he did not have the Victoria Reverberators, but had a Strymon Flint in the effects loop of each amp. It seems he is only running reverb through the Victoria units now, and the Flint is only used for a tremolo effect. It seems a pretty popular effect he has been using is a couple clean boosts, compressor, the Aqua Puss, and the Q Tron going at once. One of the best guitar tones I have ever heard.


John Mayer’s guitars

– Fender (“The Black One”) Stratocaster (planned to be reproduced for sale – announced 2009)

– Fender Stratocaster guitars (John Mayer Signature stratocaster)

– Fender Stevie Ray Vaughn Stratocaster

– Fender Jimi Hendrix Monterey Pop Strat (this is the redish guitar with the flowers on it)

– Fender Stevie Ray Lenny reproduction strat

– Martin JM Acoustic guitars (his signature OMJM model)

– Gibson SG guitars (seen playing a cherry red one and a white one)


– Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings

– D’Addario EJ16 light-gauge, phosphor-bronze strings on his acoustic

– Ernie Ball Power Slinky strings

-Ernie Ball Black guitar strap (as seen in many pics)

John mayer’s amps

– “John Mayer Signature Series Two Rock” amp heads

– Victoria Bassman Clone (45-410 model)

– Fender Super Reverb Blackface

– Fender Vibro-King

– Fender Vibrolux

– Dumble Overdrive Special amp head

– black face Fender Bassman head

pedals and effects

– Boss Blues Driver Pedal (Keeley mod)

– Keeley Katana Clean Boost

– T-Rex CompNova Compressor

– T-Rex Mudhoney

– T-Rex Replica

– T-Rex Dr.Swamp

– Boss DD-5 digital delay

– Electro-Harmonix POG

– Roger Linn Adrenalinn III Effects Box (also has Version II in his rack)

– Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere

– RMC8-Guitar Eqwahlyzer (wah with eq on it)

– Way Huge Aqua Puss analog Delay

– MoogerFooger Analag Delay

– Fulltone Full-Drive Overdrive Pedal

– Electro Harmonix Memory Man

– Ibanez TS-9 and TS-10’s

– Marshall Bluesbreaker (John prefers the original version of this pedal)

– Ibanez TS808 booster

– Fultone Supa-Trem Tremolo Pedal

– Boss Chromatic tuner pedals (he has 4 of these tuners on the floor for different instruments)

– Radial JDI Passive Direct box

– Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay Guitar Effects Pedal (more than one in the rack)

– Dunlop Power Brick

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